Professional scalp micropigmentation specialist and Microbeau Elite artist Steven Greitzer, currently working and living in Phoenix, AZ stopped by Microbeau’s headquarters today and talked to us about scalp micropigmentation and the future of this permanent makeup technique.

Steven has been practicing this technique since 2013. He explains the process of scalp micropigmentation to be something simple, because there are only a few elements to it, however, because these elements have to be repeated several times over the same spot, the execution must be flawless. Simple does not mean easy. Therefore, the cool, hand control of a surgeon is necessary for precision, to make sure each impression is absolutely perfect. This, is Steven’s forte and his machine of choice is the Spektra Xion S – because it’s small, lightweight and easy to control, but also because of its ability to adjust and tune as you go along.

It’s natural to suppose PMU techniques find an audience right away in women, including scalp micropigmentation, which women have discovered as a way to camouflage areas of thinning hair. Thanks to the advancement in pigments hair color is much easier to match. But the technique has a huge following in men who see this solution as a safer way to create the look of natural hair follicles than with previous transplant methods that can scar the scalp. “The procedure has gained so much popularity in the last few years that notable clinics such as Hair Club for Men and Bosely are now introducing this procedure.” Says Steven, who’s witnessed the growth of this cosmetic advancement and predicts: “We’ll be seeing scalp micropigmentation as a procedure offered in more hair salons and barber shops.” Microbeau shares his outlook for the future.

Scalp micropigmentation is a medical grade cosmetic, non-surgical procedure performed by a licensed practitioner, using very fine needles to deposit colored pigment or ink into the top layer of the scalp of the subject, to appear as if healthy hair follicles existed in a normal growth pattern. Performed properly it is a permanent solution, creating the illusion of hair. The delicate, natural renderings with the Xion S are possible because of the control the device provides – the machine is considered by professional PMU artists as the best micropigmentation device in the industry. Visit for more information.