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Pivoting: How to Start Teaching Online PMU Courses

Pivoting: How to Start Teaching Online PMU Courses

Pivoting: How to Start Teaching Online PMU Courses

What's the biggest trend of 2020? “A lot of artists switched to online training; and after reopening, trainers have smaller groups,” reveals Lulu Siciliano, PMU artist and co-founder of Microbeau International.

Lulu was one of those artists who opened her courses online, and at Microbeau International we have one more artist who found herself thrust into the arms of the digital age.

Read her story below.  

PMU artist, Elaine Campin’s online success story

“The online courses have been a financial lifeline during lockdown,” emphasizes Elaine, owner of Elaine Campin Bespoke Permanent Makeup and Training.

“My business has been lucky as the UK government is thus far supporting the self-employed through these hard times with a series of payouts, which my staff has been able to rely on. Unfortunately, others are falling through the gaps.”

“I had decided to go online before COVID hit, but caught in the day-to-day in-person clients, I hadn’t found time. Lockdown forced the time to get it sorted and has been a huge step in the right direction. Instead of hiring someone I’ve had to figure it out myself and I now totally understand building my own course and I can add content, change parts if I need to.”

PMU courses by Elaine Campin, PMU artist and trainer in the UK

Elaine began working on her online platform in March 2020 and launched the first webinar The Perfect Brow™️ in May, following up with the second The Perfect Lip™️ in November.

“I’m not tech-minded, so it wasn’t easy for me. Everything takes twice as long as it would for someone with a programming background, but I’m proud of what I’ve actually achieved by myself.”

“My husband hit the nail on the head when he suggested I focus my courses on what I struggled with when I first started, simplifying the material that sometimes seems complicated. You often don’t realize the value of your knowledge and what you’ve learnt through experience on skin.”

“Online is definitely the way to go for technicians who are already qualified, although, I don’t agree with certifying people through online courses."

"PMU is a personal thing isn’t it? There’s no substitute for hands-on training. Seeing students in person, learning pressure, depth, feel of different skin types; you can only do so much online. When doing hands-on training I only take two-three students max at a time for certification.”

“I had a lot of people waiting for my online The Perfect Brow ™️ course. It’s just about harnessing the power of social media. I’ve had really good reviews and that word-of-mouth recommendation has helped so much! I appreciate and I am extremely grateful for all of those referrals!”

Summary of Elaine's tips for PMU pros to establish online courses:

1. If you have something to share, get started now. 

2. Get great video. Multiple angles!

3. Dear perfectionists: It doesn't have to be perfect! Offer solid information and be genuine.

4. Boil down the complicated information into something simple.

5. Offer preview excerpts to gauge interest.

6. Set up pre-signups.

Q: What was one thing you wish you knew before you began?

EC: Everything doesn’t need to be perfect to get your info on your platform, with whichever methods you have available to you, or you will wait forever.

Everyone has to start somewhere. As long as you connect with your audience and it is full of valuable information, I think most permanent makeup technicians prefer you to be just you. Don’t be afraid of that.

Oh, and good, clear filming is a must!

Q: What are students loving about your course?

EC: Students have commented on the way my courses are set out. No locked content, no quizzes. I've laid it out in episodes so they can refer back to them easily. 

With the four camera angles some students have said they actually felt like they were there with me. Also, just being down-to-earth and keeping it real and simple. 

Q: General advice for PMU pros who are considering setting up an online course.

EC: If you have something to share ... get it out there. Just do it! Stop thinking. Get signed up with a platform provider. 

You can gauge an interest in courses by doing a pre-signup before you even do it. This is a good marketing tool.

Offer preview episodes of sections to get potential signups. 


Thank you, Elaine for sharing a little bit about your experience on setting up an online PMU course!

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Artist Pivoting: How to Start Teaching Online PMU Courses