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      • EIKON EMS 420
      • EIKON EMS 420

      EIKON EMS 420

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      The Eikon EMS 400 is the newest addition to the Eikon power supply family

      It continues to clearly display all major electronic measurements of the traditional tattoo machine: Speed, Duty Cycle, Voltage and Follow Through, with a user-selectable dual display area. You can also show Amps, Timer, Diagnostics or Cloak the display so you only see voltage.

      The Eikon EMS 400 uses capacitance touch technology to recognize user input and works through gloves and other barriers. The smooth surface makes it infinitely easier to cover and clean, with no awkward shapes or bulky knobs.

      Four programmable voltage presets are available to give you the right setting with one touch. The vertically-orientated design reduces the footprint at your workstation, and saves space. The bottom foot of the unit has a special silicone base, to stick to hard surfaces and stop the unit from sliding around.

      Two timer modes means you never lose track of time again.

      The EMS 400 comes complete with a North American Cordset and instructions for proper use. Requires a footswitch and clipcord wired with ¼” mono plugs (sold separately). Accessory cordsets sold separately. Designed and manufactured by Eikon in Canada. Patent(s) Pending. 

      • Functions even when wearing gloves or using other barrier controls.
      • Pre-sets four programmable voltages to provide you with the ability to save and easily select the correct voltage settings for your favorite machines.
      • Cloaking. When activated, only the voltage and preset selection are displayed on screen. A great tool for removing the distraction of the meter numbers while tattooing.
      • Vertically Orientated. This reduces the footprint, using less space at your workstation.
      • Silicone Base - Sticks to hard surfaces so it won't slide around. Is easily cleaned and never loses its stickiness.
      • Compatible with Rotary or Coil Machines. The EMS400 will run with a variety of machines right out of the box.
      • Two Timer Modes - Choose between regular Stopwatch function or use Runtime, which tracks how long your machine has been running, for accurate timekeeping and client billing.
      • Internal Power Adapter - The internally mounted power adapter automatically recognizes input voltage, making it possible to use the EMS 400 Power Supply in any country worldwide when combined with the appropriate cord set.
      • Programmable menu options enable you to choose between momentary or maintained footswitch functions, and also adjust screen contrast.
      • Dual Display Area - Primary area always displays volts, secondary area displays Speed, Duty Cycle, Follow Through, Amps, Timer, and Diagnostics or can be cloaked.

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