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How to Brighten Lips Using PMU Pigments

How to Brighten Lips Using PMU Pigments

How to Brighten Lips Using PMU Pigments

Lips can change color for many reasons: sun exposure, hormonal changes, genetics, medical conditions, the aging process, injury or because some people overlook lip skin care. Traditional cosmetics are a wonderful way to highlight the lips and give you that confidence boost, but some people prefer a long-lasting solution that keeps their lips looking bright and fabulous. No bathroom touchups needed. 

For clients seeking radiant, bright lips, Microbeau has created highly effective color correction pigments for the cosmetic tattooing industry.

The high pigment load of the Evenflo color correction set offers multiple, amazing results. Think of the high pigment load as saturated color, which you can see in the video below! 

This Evenflo formula relies more on yellow C.I 11767 than on titanium dioxide to avoid the long-term problems associated with titanium dioxide’s fading process. Additionally, this particular yellow is opaque, making it more assertive in its color neutralizing function than translucent ingredients. 

The intensely bright colors of the entire Evenflo three-color pigment set impacts bluish/purplish areas of the lips quickly, creating a strong counterbalance.

  1. The illume pigment color is a rich, golden yellow and is most powerful against dark bluish or purplish colored areas of the lips.

  2. The Neutralizer is best for correcting medium, pinkish-bluish hues.

  3. Finish off your process with Colorizer, a warm red that offers a natural, yet captivating lip color.

Benefits for the PMU professional
As the permanent makeup professional, you’ll notice you won’t need to spend as much time or work as hard to gain the desired result. 

Benefits for cosmetic tattooing client
Your clients will, in turn, also suffer less trauma, feel more beautiful and enjoy an elegant and cheerful look to their lips.

Tip: Remember to be deliberate about observing your client’s skin. Ask your client about how their skin heals if they’ve suffered a cut, burn or any other injury. If your client has dark or light splotches on their skin or they tell you their skin heals considerably darker or lighter, then cosmetic tattooing is not a good procedure for them, as it could leave unintended consequences of either lighter or darker marks.

Artist How to Brighten Lips Using PMU Pigments