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How to Prep Like a Pro for Your PMU Procedure

How to Prep Like a Pro for Your PMU Procedure

How to Prep Like a Pro for Your PMU Procedure

How to Prep Like a Pro for Your PMU Procedure

When it comes to PMU, preparation is key. As an artist, you’re constantly working with clients, performing procedures that penetrate the skin, which increases the risk of cross-contamination if you don’t prep properly. 

But what does this mean? It means making sure that your PMU station is clean and that you have all the equipment necessary to service your clients. Nailing down your preparation will not only ensure cleanliness and safety, but it will also bring you and your clients peace of mind.    

Here's our step-by-step guide to help you prep your PMU station and make sure your clients are safe from start to finish: 

PMU Station Tray

Sanitize Your PMU Station

Start with the foundation—your metal tray table. Wipe it clean with sanitizing wipes and place a dental bib on top for added protection.

Give Your Machine Some TLC

Your machine is your holy grail, so treat it with the utmost care. We recommend using a blue UV light device or sanitizing wipes to clean it thoroughly. Wrap the machine in mini cling wrap and add two layers of grip (bandage) wrap to ensure coverage around the needle insertion area. If your machine is corded, don't forget to wrap the cord with a cord cover.

For added convenience and hygiene, opt for disposable grips. You can enjoy your machine's original ergonomic shape without any added thickness from a grip wrap. Each disposable grip comes individually packed in sterilized packaging, so all you have to do is sanitize the top of your machine, swap out the existing grip, and you're ready to go! 

Organize Your Essentials

Before diving into the procedure, make you have the following essentials on your tray table:

  • Mapping pencils or mapping string 
  • Pigment cups and pigment holder tray 

Sanitize and wrap your pigment holder tray in a plastic wrap. Drop the pigment into the ink cups and add a small amount of numbing cream (and a tattoo glide if you use it) to the pigment cups for easy access and minimal touchpoints during the procedure. 

Add the Finishing Touches to Your Tray

Presoak some gauze or cotton rounds in distilled water or green soap before the procedure. Ensure the washer bottle containing the liquid is sanitized and wrapped in plastic. Always use gloves when handling objects on the tray. Use lint applicators (or sterilized cotton swabs) to apply numbing cream or tattoo glide to your client’s skin.

Leave Needles for the End

Keep cartridges sealed until you're ready to start the procedure to prevent cross-contamination. Exercise caution when handling needles to maintain a sterile environment.

Don’t Forget to Protect YOU

Remember to have your PPE equipment on hand before every appointment. Wear a face mask and hair net throughout the entire procedure, and change your gloves if you touch anything not sanitized during the preparation process, such as phones, lamps, chairs, etc. A pro tip is to use a barrier film to cover your phone and parts of your lamp/chair to prevent cross-contamination.

Plus, if you're in need of touchless power, our Hover is the perfect partner during procedures. Simply hover your hand over the device, and you'll be able to change your voltage, cycle through menu screens, and set a timer. Without ever touching the device, you can reduce the need for different devices, while keeping you and your clients' safety top of mind. 

A well-prepped workspace is the first step to a successful PMU procedure. That’s why we put together a PMU checklist with everything you need, and where to get them! For all your PMU and tattoo supplies, explore Darklab and Painful Pleasures — the go-to marketplaces for professionals. 


Your PMU Station Checklist  

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