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5 Reasons Why You NEED the Microbeau AirBolt in Your PMU Setup

5 Reasons Why You NEED the Microbeau AirBolt in Your PMU Setup

5 Reasons Why You NEED the Microbeau AirBolt in Your PMU Setup

When it comes to PMU procedures, you need a power supply that can keep up. But with so many top-notch options out there, it can be tough to decide which one to choose. Well, artists, your search ends here. Meet the Microbeau AirBolt and AirBolt Mini—the smallest and most portable power supplies on the market. These little powerhouses are packed with features that'll transform your PMU sessions.


1. Unmatched Battery Life

Battery life is the first thing you should consider when choosing any power supply—you don't want to lose power mid-session after all. The AirBolt and AirBolt Mini are some of the best performers out there, offering plenty of juice for back-to-back appointments or longer sessions. The AirBolt gives you up to 15 hours of power, while the AirBolt Mini offers up to 10 hours.

Keep in mind, battery life varies based on voltage settings, needle configurations, and other factors. We suggest having multiple AirBolts on hand so you can always have one charged and ready. And good news—they charge up fast with a USB-C cable, reaching full power in just two hours.


2. Travel-Friendly and Portable

The AirBolt and AirBolt Mini are incredibly lightweight. Here’s a quick size and weight breakdown:

AirBolt: 73mm x 48mm x 24mm; 3.6oz (102g)

AirBolt Mini: 55.6mm x 48mm x 24mm; 2.8oz (79g)

They're easy to pack for PMU events, conventions, or personal travels, and they won’t weigh you down. Plus, these battery packs are easy on your hands and wrists, avoiding the strain you might get from heavier, less efficient power packs.


3. Versatile Connectivity

One of the best features of the AirBolt? It can connect to any PMU machine wirelessly or via cables. This means you can pair it with your favorite machines and choose between wireless or standard cable connectivity. Plus, it’s Bluetooth-enabled and works with the Darklab app, letting you adjust voltage and eGive settings effortlessly, even using voice controls. With the AirBolt’s versatile connectivity, your PMU sessions just got a whole lot smoother.


4. Presets At the Ready!

On top of being Bluetooth-enabled and compatible with the Darklab app, the AirBolt offers unlimited preset banks. This means you can save all your favorite machine settings and switch between them easily during or between sessions. Whether you’re working on brows, eyeliner, lips, or scalp micropigmentation, you’ll always have the perfect setup at your fingertips.


5. Maximum Stability and Safety

These power supplies may be small, but they're super stable. The AirBolt features a built-in anti-slip magnetic pad, so you can set it on any surface without worrying about it toppling over. Plus, both the AirBolt and AirBolt Mini are easy to bag and protect with barrier film, ensuring your setup stays safe and hygienic without much hassle.


COMING SOON: Keep your eyes peeled for new wearable and mounting accessories that will make your AirBolt even more stable and secure.


Try the AirBolt & AirBolt Mini for Yourself

These little devices offer unbeatable power, portability, and versatility. Plus, by choosing the AirBolt, you're investing in a "future-proof" power supply. With upcoming accessories and continuous support from the Darklab app, you'll keep getting more out of this power supply as time goes by. Try one with your favorite PMU machine and see how it changes your game!

Artist 5 Reasons Why You NEED the Microbeau AirBolt in Your PMU Setup