Over the past several decades, PMU has developed with trends in the female cosmetic industry that has inspired many bold and beautiful looks. To this day, PMU continues to relentlessly grow and change over time. 

Tatiane Nichols
Instagram: browhousestudio
Brow House Studio & Brow House Institute

Favorite Microbeau Machine: Mini flux and Xion

What are key factors for career success and personal fulfillment?
To be successful in any career, you must believe in yourself, have determination, discipline, set goals, have a positive mindset, and never give up. I am truly blessed to love what I do, to help others feel better about themselves and regain their confidence.

At Brow House we use all Microbeau machine

Tahmina Sarwari
Instagram: @Elysian360Studio

Favorite Microbeau Machine: Bellar Air 3.0 Stroke

Why does fully committing with integrity and a long-term view matter?
Never do anything half heartedly, always give your 100% to everything you do big or small.

Do everything with integrity. Always have a long term view and perspective, in life and in your career.