What is a Pigment Diluent?

A pigment diluent is a clear solution that alters the viscosity and concentration of your pigments.


Now, Enter Flow Solution  

Flow Solution

Flow Solution is a must-have product for every beauty professional. Born from the high-quality formulation of Evenflo pigments, this diluent is specifically designed to thin out pigment consistency, making it easier to work with and achieve desired results.

This versatile solution can be used with various types of pigments, including brow, lip, and eyeliner colors. By adding a few drops to your pigments, you can effortlessly adjust their thickness and viscosity, ensuring smooth, even application and high pigment absorption.


What We're Loving About Flow Solution

  • Features a thin-consistency formula
  • Improves pigment absorption
  • Creates a sheer consistency when mixed with pigments 1:1
  • Keeps the pigment from drying out
  • Serves as an anti-clogging solution for cartridges with a fine tip
  • Suitable for organic and hybrid Evenflo and Perma Blend lines


Key Pro Tips by Lulu Siciliano

If you've never used a diluent before or you're interested in trying out Evenflo's new formula, PMU artist and Microbeau co-founder Lulu Siciliano is sharing her tips and tricks for how to get the most out of Flow Solution


If you're looking for a watercolor effect... 

"Mix 2-3 drops of Flow Solution with 7 drops of your lip pigment to create Aquarelle lips."


If you want beautiful brows that look natural...

"Add this diluent to your organic or hybrid brow pigment to achieve soft and true-to-color healed results."


If you're NOT sure how the pigment will heal (brows or lips)...

"Dilute the pigment 1:1. Once you observe healed results, you can adjust the mix."


If you're working on male clients...

"Use Flow Solution with lip or neutralizing pigments 1:1 for male lips, so they can heal more naturally." 


If you're a beginner PMU artist...

"Add Flow Solution to any of your pigments 1:1 to avoid harsh lines and mistakes."