Permanent makeup is not new – we know this. What is new, is a revolutionary device specifically created for the control and precision required for the procedure of micropigmentation. We’re talking about the ergonomic, powerful, and precise Spektra Xion S from Microbeau. This ergonomic, micropigmentation device allows the permanent makeup (PMU) artist  full control of their skill and designs to create lasting beauty. “It’s like holding a pen and drawing!” This has been the most common statement from PMU artists who use the Microbeau Spektra Xion S.

Just like when Samuel O’Reilly of New York opened the doors of permanent makeup in 1880 by designing the first electric tattoo machine that was later used by Dr. Crowell Beard, an oculoplastic surgeon, to perform the first eye-lining procedure, Microbeau has catapulted micropigmentation into the world of high-tech beautification procedures. Micropigmentation gets its name from the use of microscopic lenses that were needed during early procedures. Today the term is just one of many others like: derma pigmentation, micro derma pigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing however, “permanent makeup” (PMU) or “permanent cosmetics” are the more widely recognized terms, and it’s this field the Spektra Xion S was created to dominate. Its comfortable, lightweight design and powerful motor system are capable of handling the most demanding and precise styles of micropigmentation, making The Xion S, the PMU artist’s most indispensable tool to unleash their potential.