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Permanent Makeup Bloggers, Vloggers and Instagram Stars to Follow

Permanent Makeup Bloggers, Vloggers and Instagram Stars to Follow

Permanent Makeup Bloggers, Vloggers and Instagram Stars to Follow

Permanent makeup artists will want to keep tabs on colleagues who speak on beauty from our industry's point of view. Everything from basics of health and taking care of ourselves, to reviews, how-to's and how to grow your cosmetic tattooing business, these bloggers all have invaluable information and experience to offer.

We're listing professionals who posts regularly, have excellent tips and something really to offer each of us that love our work in beauty and PMU.

Of course, you should bookmark the Microbeau blog to keep tabs on industry news, PMU artists, conventions and more. 


Rose Prieto

Blogger and author of "How Fitzpatrick and Melanin Influence the Cosmetic Tattoo: A Useful Guide for the PMU Artist" Rose Prieto is all about empowering women by educating about beauty.

She posts very regularly on her Instagram as well as her audio podcast.


Sheila Reusch AKA Sheila Bella

In California, her and her studio have built a mini-empire and really give a shining example of how to market your business. Sheila Bella's instagram account gets many views, likes and interactions with easy to implement tips.

Sheila Bella's YouTube channel is also very informative and she gives her insider tips that you normally don't hear, like, when to turn away a client!


Julie Michaud

One of Microbeau's very own Elite artist's, Julie Michaud has a written blog where she highlights important topics in the industry. 



Dealing with some of the most heart-wrenching cases, Stacie-Rae has put all of her passion into healing and teaching. As a true artist, she not only creates beautiful tattoos, but has focused on areola tattooing and covering scars

Stacie uses her decades of experience to help people find themselves and their strength again.

Read more about Stacie-Rae's work and how she got into her specialization.  


April Meese

Need to hear people's take on different topics that are important to you as a PMU artist? April Meese's podcasts are all abut pro PMU artists talking about their business and what they're seeing in the world around them, whether it's COVID, deciding whether to show off your wait list on your website and the pros and cons of having more PMU artists working at your shop. Listen to April Meese's podcast here!


Amber Harrison

This PMU artist is a recognizable face in the USA and we're proud to have her on the Microbeau Elite team. Amber Harrison's brand, Brow Envy, explores many aspects of cosmetic tattooing, from machine reviews and comparisons, to tattoo removal. Detailed and personable, she's definitely on the watch list, so subscribe to her YouTube channel below. 

Judy Liang

This PMU artist speaks very openly on her YouTube vlog Effortless Beauty about the industry and how to get onto the road of becoming a technician and honing your skills. She speaks from a "been there, done that," standpoint and can truly get you in the right frame of mind to set and approach your goals. Although, the point is to take action!


Environmental Working Group

Anyone who works in beauty should keep up on safety and chemicals. The Environmental Working Group is a nonprofit that researches chemicals that affect our health. This is a good article to start learning about personal care products. It is known worldwide that the US has less stringent restrictions than in Europe, so products (such as Evenflo and Microbeau machines) that meet EU standards will definitely contribute to more to the health and safety of your clients.

For a great read on chemicals in the beauty industry, start with EWG's resource page: Skin Deep.


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