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Valentines Day PMU: How to Encourage Your Clients to Come in NOW for Lip Blush Treatment

Valentines Day PMU: How to Encourage Your Clients to Come in NOW for Lip Blush Treatment

Valentines Day PMU: How to Encourage Your Clients to Come in NOW for Lip Blush Treatment

Valentines Day is almost upon us! This might be the time to prompt customers into getting their procedure done to make the timeline.

Pro PMU artist and trainer, Henna Hamidi, in San Diego, California reminds us that normally, if your client wants to get a lip treatment to look stellar for any event, you should play in about six, maybe even 12 weeks ahead of time.

Henna informs us that "One week to heal fully from peeling, but it takes about six weeks for the color to start blooming back into the lips with normal pigments."

Below, Henna reveals a few of her tricks to speed up the healing and for the color to appear quicker. 

If you want to encourage your current clientele or potential customers to be ready for Valentine's Day, today is the day!

Before and after Lip Blushing cosmetic tattooing procedure, image and work by Henna Hamidi, in San Diego CA
"Valentine’s day is only four weeks out. Anyone who wants lip blush needs to be in your studio this week," Henna urges. 


Q: What do you do when you want to see more clients in your studio?

Henna Hamidi: Just putting information on posts. Right now, during the pandemic, I don’t really push, but normally, when I put more informational posts and stories, I see results!

With videos people can see the treatement and be there [virtually] with you step-by-step. I notice that this creates much more interest and understanding.

You have to remember that lip blushing is a relatively new treatment.

Sometimes people think that what we do are fillers or some kind of cosmetic surgery! Is it a tattoo, color, filler, injection? So have information for them already on your social media and website. 

- Make an Instagram Highlight: What is lip blush? Go through what lip blush actually is. Give a small blurb about it.

- Talk about "lip tinting; for adding color, a pop of brightness, more youthful, natural sheer lip tint."

- You can show them the different colors available

- Speak informatively about your pigments, like Evenflo Colours. Tag the companies that you’re using.


This makes your potential clients more interested and comfortable with the procedure.

My clients definitely like it. They come in saying: “I’ve been stalking your page,” and they walk in confidently and informed. 

It saves me from repeating myself! [laughing] 

It’s a win-win!


Q: How long does the normal healing process take?

HH: The first first week (approximately five to seven days) your client's lips will be peeling and chapped. The top layer of the skin will come off in chunks. You can help them prepare for that with the right aftercare products and regiment.

Their color is going to be really light the following week. Oftentimes clients panic because they don't see the color, even when it was explained that this is part of the process.

The second and third weeks will be simply healing. Once it all peels, the color doesn’t take. It needs a full six to 12 weeks for the color to return, when the new skin grows.


Q: Do you have a secret to make the color appear faster?

HH: If you’re using pigments from the Evenflo Colours line, the colors will be easier to see and it doesn’t take as long to bloom! 

PMU Lip tinting procedure using Evenflo Colours' Pinker + Malina combo. Work and copyrights: Henna Hamidi, San Diego, CA

In a recent procedure, I used Malina + Pinker and got a really pretty pink! Pinker is pretty and only takes a little drop.

Pinker: a magenta-pink PMU pigment modifier to bring out a lovely blush color, Evenflo Colour's newest color 

Q: Can your clients do anything to help speed up the healing process?

HH: Using nonpetroleum-based aftercare products, such as Aquaphor healing ointment, Hustle Butter, Balm Tattoo, etc.

Emphasize to your clients that they must stay super hydrated - even dripping wet with whatever product you’re using!

Lips start peeling as soon as day three.

Let them know they should avoid getting any liquid on their lips when showering, eating, drinking and even brushing their teeth! They should do everything  through a straw for the next week.

Of course, so their lips don't burn: no spicy foods or alcohol.

The time to get lip blush is now. With Evenflo Colours pigments you might be able to push it to three weeks, but otherwise, we are at the cutoff point!

Microbeau Hint
Share the link to this blog post!
This is a great starting point for clients to learn what to expect
and realize that the time is NOW if they want their lips
to look fabulously kissable for Valentine's Day! 
Check out Henna's profile on the Evenflo Colours' influencer page.


Q: With California body art and salons shut, are you doing anything PMU-related right now? 

HH: We're shut down for procedures, but I'll be teaching in late February!


CLASS INFO ------------------------------

Sunday 21st - Tuesday 23rd, 2021
Master Class* Brows and Lip Blush
Although this is an intro and foundational learning it's advanced because it is comprehensive and I show how I do absolutely every step, from A-Z. Each artist has their own tips, tricks and workflow that we can learn from. A few things I will cover:

- machine handling skills
- color theory
- suitable clients

Upon successful completion, students receive a manual and certificate of achievement.

*Should have passed a Bloodborne Pathogens certification, which you can take online. 

Artist Valentines Day PMU: How to Encourage Your Clients to Come in NOW for Lip Blush Treatment