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Lulu Siciliano

Lulu Siciliano

Lulu Siciliano

Raised in Eastern Europe, Lulu Siciliano is a Miami-based PMU artist who is also the founder of Evenflo Colours, and co-founder of Microbeau International. With a background in fine arts, she pays keen attention to details, and is best known for achieving natural-looking results. Specializing in cosmetic procedures, like lip blush, lip neutralization, powder eyebrows and eyeliner, she strives to build her clients confidence by enhancing their natural beauty.


Lulu understands the PMU industry is ever-changing, and as an artist, she acknowledges the importance of keeping up with current trends. So she began to implement her artistic background to find a solution to counteract the effect of dark lip correction. Although most PMU artists didn’t believe it could be done, Lulu never let negative influencers stop her from achieving her goal. Her drive pushed her to produce one of the best formulas for lip neutralization and has ultimately empowered people to learn more.




Lulu SicilianoLulu SicilianoLulu SicilianoLulu SicilianoLulu SicilianoLulu SicilianoLulu Siciliano