As the number of clients slow down during the holidays, it's time to treat yourself and your business with our PMU holiday gift guide.  

For artists who are looking to level up their lip game in the new year, remember that the best gift you can give yourself and your clients are beautifully healed lips that boost confidence and keep them coming back for more. 

A lip blush and neutralization expert herself, Microbeau co-founder Lulu Siciliano is spilling her secrets on the best tools to achieve "better-than-lipstick" results.



For Results That Pop

Xion S Berry Red

"Xion S has been my bestie for years. This machine has a high-torque motor and can push the needle hard at minimal volume. While other machines need a higher voltage to get the same results, Xion S can do the job at minimal speeds. 
No matter how you move your hand, Xion S creates  Instagram-worthy pixels. If you're looking for beautiful velvet coverage, this machine is for you. In addition, you can play with different give settings and cam wheels — there's so much to do!"
For Pucker-Perfect Shades​​

Evenflo Lip Pigments

"I use Evenflo which offers a wide range of pigment shades specifically designed for lip blush procedures. These pigments are of high-quality, long-lasting, and made with safe ingredients.

Evenflo lip blush pigments have a smooth consistency, allowing for easy application and blending. This will ensure even and consistent results. I try to avoid products that are too thick or too thin, as they may compromise the final outcome. If you are new to Evenflo, try Bare, Lulu's Rosé and Malina. If you would like to explore pigments for lip neutralization, check out our pre-modified pigments from the Dark Lips Expert Set. They are fantastic!"

For Flawless Outlines & Fills

Vertix Pico

"For effortless pigment implantation, I use Vertix Pico, a PMU cartridge line that offers a wide range of needle configurations specifically designed for PMU procedures. Lately, I've been using thicker needles like 1 RL 0.38 LT textured for fast pigment depositing. It works very well. To create a defined, sharp contour, I use 1 RL 0.25 LT."  



​"Pair Xion S with a touchless power supply that goes as low as 2 volts!"


Ink Caps

"I like to use small, narrow-sized silicone ink caps. It minimizes your pigment consumption and helps your pigments last longer."



"Achieve flawless healing with Recovery aftercare balm and aftercare soap. I love these products because they're hypoallergenic and made with natural ingredients, which help clients heal beautifully."