The London Tattoo Convention is the most exciting, and most anticipated gathering in the celebration of body art throughout the world. This Fall the convention is confirmed to take place at Tobacco Dock in the heart of London’s enterprise zone – a stone’s throw from Tech City and Canary Wharf. This year’s highlights include the exhibition ‘The March of the Matryoshkas’, a charity art project featuring works by 90 of the world’s finest tattoo artists. Other attractions include Artist of the Week recognition of Vyvyn Lazonga, Seattle’s First Lady of Tattoo; special guest legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney; and the world premiere film screening of ‘Mamma Vita Mia’, an award-winning documentary that takes viewers on a historical voyage of the tattoo culture, and its evolving phenomenon in Naples, Italy. Over 400 international tattoo artists and their exhibits, illustrators, performances and music will be rocking Tobacco Dock! FK Irons and Microbeau look forward to meeting our fans and distributors in London for this great show!