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Machine Comparison

The Benefits of PMU Training Abroad with International Artists!

The Benefits of PMU Training Abroad with International Artists!

The Benefits of PMU Training Abroad with International Artists!

Many of us are itching for the day when we can travel as liberally as we used to. Some people are digital nomads; office-less, working and traveling, or training and traveling. Crista Nicole is one of those that mixes work and pleasure - and she reaps the benefits of doing so!

Crista Nicole and Lulu Siciliano will 
be comparing Microbeau machines
Wednesday, November 4 at 4:30pm EST
official Microbeau Instagram account.


Get a head start by checking out our
interactive PMU machine comparison chart.


Professionally, by traveling to train Crista learns techniques and stays up to date on technology and trends. And personally, there's no price for the experiences of traveling. 

Even if we do a road trip to another town to train, or we jump on an online course with someone on the other side of the globe, the power of training and keeping up your skills is immense. Never stop learning!

Q: How many cities have you visited or trained in?

Crista Nicole: Traveling is one of my favorite things in life and I've been to lots and lots of cities all over the world. Here, I have worked in Toronto and Halifax and done some promotional work in Los Angeles.


Q: Where are PMU procedures the most popular?

CN: PMU has become so popular worldwide, but I would have to say I think it is hugely popular in Europe, especially the UK and Russia.


Q: In which city did you have the most fun?

CN: For PMU related experiences I have had incredible times in LA, Miami and London.


Q: How did you choose where to go for training?

CN: I have done lots of training in England and the USA with international trainers.

When I started out in PMU, I used social media to find the best in the industry so I could travel to them to learn from the best.

Q: What are some of the idiosyncrasies between the cities and their view of beauty or use of PMU?

CN: Hmmm...well I would say Toronto is more of a fashion city and women are more conservative with their PMU, where as England for example, likes to step up the glam and go for it a bit more. 


Q: What features do you look for in the machines that you take with you when you’re on the go?

CN: I love my Microbeau Xion S and Flux S. They are top of the line and I can always trust they will create my best work with safety and precision.

The ever-popular Xion S PMU machine with the LightningBolt battery pack to make it wireless!


Microbeau's Flux S wireless PMU machine with an additional PowerBolt battery pack (sold separately)

Q: During COVID-19, how is this international scene going? Completely halted or are there still opportunities to train abroad and/or travel?

CN: It looks like for the most part travel can take place, but personally, I will avoid any unnecessary travel for the time being and hope this virus will somehow come to an end sometime soon.

Unfortunately, so many great international conferences had be put to a halt. I was supposed to be in Europe for three weeks this June for my honeymoon in Prague, Vienna and Budapest. Luckily, we'd had an incredible two-week, three-country adventure in Europe last June for our wedding with 60 of our closest friends and family. 


Q: What advice would you give to an artist with intermediate experience to get into the conference circuit?

CN: I would say: keep your values close.

1. What makes you tick? Find out what is important to you and use that for motivation.


2. Pay close attention to who’s work you really admire and join conferences where you strongly feel you can personally grow from.


Q: How long have you been working with Microbeau machines and/or products?

CN: I had the pleasure of meeting Gaston at the annual Toronto Tattoo Convention four years ago. I was so lucky to get my hands on the Xion S and I never looked back!

I also had the pleasure of getting a thorough tour of the FK Irons facility in Miami. WOW, I can’t tell you how impressed I was with their immaculate facility and their super knowledgeable staff. From start to finish, every part of the creative process takes part in the USA.


Q: What feature of the machine varies the most among the different brands or models? 

CN: These machines are solid! I always get a smooth, beautiful result with my Microbeau machines. They are reliable and safe.

I can’t express how important the "safety" part is in the Microbeau PMU machines. Especially the capability to be autoclaved and eliminate back flow. 


Q: Anything you’d like to add about traveling and your work?

CN: I truly treasure the international travel I was able to take part in to strengthen my PMU skills and build amazing relationships. I so look forward to the future when we can come together once again. 



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Artist The Benefits of PMU Training Abroad with International Artists!