It’s second nature for a woman to scrutinize the makeup and tools she uses on her face. Preparing the skin of the face for makeup and proper application are important details that may seem “picky” to the less discerning fashionista. But just as women are informed about the options in makeup brushes and strokes for contouring and lines, so should they be informed about the device used by their permanent makeup (PMU) artist. We’ve taken the best features of Microbeau’s Spektra Xion S and how they apply to the importance of what women look for, when considering PMU.

The Xion S is a modular machine made up of the MotorBolt, The body, and the Grip. Each part is autoclavable – can be sterilized with steam in an autoclave. What this means for you is the safety that there is no chance of cross contamination. In the body of the Xion S there’s a ratcheting system that enables the set and lock of needle depth, and an adjustable Give Knob that regulates needle tension. This mechanism greatly reduces the stress on a sensitive area of skin as is the face, and there’s less discomfort. The Grip is seamless, lightweight and offers exceptional maneuverability. These features are for ease of sterilization and for the precise control the PMU artist needs for color saturation when working on lips, and color retention for brows and eye-lining.

As the favorite tool of PMU artists around the world, Xion S should be the device of preference of savvy, fashionable women when looking to accentuate beautiful lips, eyes, and brows