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How To Make a Career Change to Permanent Makeup

How To Make a Career Change to Permanent Makeup

How To Make a Career Change to Permanent Makeup

COVID-19 has sparked changes in people's lives around the world. Maybe you need to "pivot" and if you're considering a career move, learn more about the permanent makeup industry. Read below how Evenflo Master and Microbeau's Elite members' lives changed after specializing in PMU.

The Microbeau Elite and Evenflo Masters have grace in style and technique, beautiful results, high engagement on their social media from their fans and are reputable with both their clients and students (many of them are trainers).

They love their field and will reveal how and why they entered the field ... the unexpected!

Microbeau Elite permanent makeup artist, Ekaterina Dvoeriadkina

Ekaterina is from Belarus and her entry into permanent makeup is tied to the political frictions that are front and center on international news. Check out her fascinating story below. 

Just this year, the skills that Ekaterina had been building as a side job have shown their fruit, and she was an eyeliner finalist at the highly competitive convention, the Universal League of Permanent Makeup (WULOP). Congratulations!


Evenflo permanent makeup pigment Master, Henna Hamidi

Henna Hamidi established a training program and take clients in San Diego, California.


 Evenflo permanent makeup pigment Master artist, Jeni Hart

Jeni runs Brows & Beyond Cosmetic Tattooing and Pro Shop in New Zealand. As an artist, she has a long list of international certifications and a glance at her work shows an impeccable eye for pinpointing the perfect color for her clients' brows and color correction. Generally, she is known for her passion for helping her clients!


Evenflo permanent makeup pigment Master artist, Savannah Kondratyev 

Savannah is in exciting New York City and with her more than decade of experience in hair and cosmetology, permanent makeup was a natural transition. Already she's becoming known for her skill with pigments, including beautiful lips and tattoo removal. 


PMU artist, Shay DanielleShay is a proud mommy of two, entrepreneur and traveling diva based in Calgary, Canada. View Shay's traveling adventures on her YouTube channel - and take advantage of her many useful PMU videos! 

Passionate about her craft and how a little PMU technique can give a huge boost to her clients self-confidence, she's started her Shay Danielle Academy to pass on her knowledge.


1. What was your original career and why did you transition into PMU?

Ekaterina Dvoeriadkina
I was an analyst in Customs and I believed PMU would just be a hobby, however, the political situation in our country made me resign. At that time I had enough savings for the rest of my life, but prosecution by the law left me without money. As a result, PMU became my primary source of income. I have been working a lot and at the moment I feel quite successful and satisfied with the profession.

Henna Hamidi
I was in nursing school and found PMU and fell in love with it. I made time for it as my personal passion and realized I wanted to pursue it as my professional career!

Jeni Hart
My background is in nursing, graphic design and e-commerce.

Savannah Messenger
Before I began my career as a PMU artist, I was a hair stylist for 12 years. I specialized in hair color and became an educator for the leading hair color brand in the industry, (Wella). My love for color has been evident since the day I was born! 

My husband, Mikhail Andersson, is a very talented Russian tattoo artist and has friends in the PMU industry. When I saw how beautifully you can enhance a person's features with things like lip blush and powder brows I became instantly hooked and had to learn for myself.


Shay Danielle
Before entering the PMU industry I worked as a flight attendant for an airline. I loved travelling, but it didn’t feed my artistic needs. I began cosmetic tattooing as a hobby/side job and within 6 months I was so busy with clients that I let go of flight attending to focus on my own business and never looked back! Doing what I love every day is a gift! The paycheck that comes along with it is only the bonus!


2. What advice would you give to someone considering a career change into PMU?

Ekaterina Dvoeriadkina
The only thing I can advise to those who are recently paving their way in the PMU industry is to be extremely responsible:

Work gently with clients' skin as if you are not just a PMU artist, but a real jeweler. Don't spoil faces.
Learn something new all the time and improve your performance.

The most important thing is to be very careful to the client's appearance, just the way you care about your own appearance. 

Henna Hamidi
Put your heart in it! Dedication, hard work, and practice will take you far in this industry! 💕 It is definitely a roller coaster ride at first, but well worth doing something you love every day!

Jeni Hart
Don’t try to learn every procedure at once! Master brows before moving to lips and liner and choose a trainer that cares more about you than the money they get from you.

Savannah Messenger
The advice I would give anyone looking to make the switch to becoming a PMU artist would be that you must work hard. The beginning of this journey isn’t always an easy one and it will take your full attention, passion and resilience to make it happen. It is a very rewarding and exciting career, but you must work at it every day.

Shay Danielle
If you feel like your current job is not fulfilling you, take the leap. Take the risk. Life is so short and being able to turn your passion into your career is the most rewarding change you could possibly imagine.

3. What was something that you didn't expect about the PMU industry?

Ekaterina Dvoeriadkina 
I was really shocked by the number of low quality, unprofessional training courses. There are short and uncontrolled basic courses, lots of master classes, seminars and webinars, where you practically cannot receive any new skill. Also, there is serious competition between PMU artists. 

Henna Hamidi
This industry is so diverse, ever changing and ever evolving, there’s so much knowledge out there that even as a master artist you’ll always be learning new things!

Jeni Hart
I am constantly amazed at the exponential growth of the industry particularly by the innovation of companies like Microbeau who have successfully transformed the Pmu world by bringing traditional tattoo experience (Gaston) and marrying it with PMU (Lulu).

Best marriage ever!

Shay Danielle
One thing I did not expect about the industry was the lifelong bonds I would make with other artists. I have PMU friends all around the world who share the same passion I do! 

It really can be an overwhelmingly supportive community if you allow it to be.



Closing thoughts to Microbeau and to artists:

Ekaterina Dvoeriadkina:
It was really interesting to answer these questions and I gladly present my thoughts. 

Shay Danielle: 
Connect with other artists! You won’t regret it.

Artist How To Make a Career Change to Permanent Makeup