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Microbeau is Thankful for You!

Microbeau is Thankful for You!

Microbeau is Thankful for You!

The holidays are finally here and Microbeau is feeling all the warm and fuzzy feelings. We are thankful to all of you who have contributed to the growth and development of the PMU industry, as well as our brand. As a sign of gratitude, Microbeau would like to provide you all with a guide to the best PMU products and accessories for fall, best practices for PMU procedures, and some game-changing tips and tricks from expert master artists. 

Holiday Favorites 

Bellar Air in Stealth 

Vertix Nano Liner 1RL 0.33 ACU, 1RL 0.25 ACU

Vertix Pico Round Liner 

Flux Mini in Champagne Gold

Flux S in Bubblegum 

Bellar V2 in Rose Gold 

Straight Color Evenflo Neutralizer Set

Brow Set Evenflo Colours

Warm Black Eyeliner Evenflo Pigment

Lip Set Evenflo Colours

Best Practices

“Make sure not to overbook yourself and make time for yourself during the holidays. Make sure to inform clients that they should keep their healing time in mind when booking their appointments. This will ensure they are obtaining the results and desired healed look for the holidays.”- @_savannahmarienyc 

"For the most specials upcoming dates of the year,  I think the best practice is Powder Brows or Ombre brows. We all want to look our best in thanksgiving and Christmas! And why not to treat ourselves getting the perfect brows we wanted during the year? 🥳" - @pmu_byat

"This time of the year, is perfect to be with the family and enjoy them! But it's also the time to get your eyebrows, lips and eyeliner "HOLIDAY-READY". Imagine waking up during the holidays without worrying about doing your makeup!...It's all possible with Permanent Makeup!" - @anasquaremicroblading

Holiday Tips & Tricks 

“During the holiday season, I always make sure I have plenty of gift certificates on hand. Give the gift of new brows!” - @henna_pigmentstudio 

“Give clients the opportunity to unplug during their PMU sessions and be their ‘peace’.” Give returning clients a 10% -20% discount on their PMU service as a gift for the holidays to show them your appreciation for their loyalty.” - @bluerosebeautyandbrow 

"Cold weather can dry the lips out more than usual. When preparing for your upcoming procedure, make sure your lips hydrated and soft. I recommend  exfoliating the lips a week prior to your service. I like using a soft toothbrush and gently brushing the lips before bed. Follow with a generous amount of Aquaphor for super soft lips!" - @paula_ocot

"Business can slow down for some artists during the holidays, which cause stress and knee-jerk reactions to heavily discount services. Just remember, price is relative. What’s “expensive” for one person is a steal to another. Instead of asking what would someone pay for this, ask what type or client do I want to attract?Price is marketing. It markets the perceived value of your brand, standard, professionalism, service, skill, etc." - @studioconceal

What Artists Are Thankful For

“I’m thankful to this industry because it evokes empowerment and support. I’m so thankful for the continued love from my clients, the old and new ones, who allow us artists to live out our passions of art and PMU.” - @beautybynicksz 

“I’m thankful that PMU has allowed me to be my own boss.” - @browmogul 


Artist Microbeau is Thankful for You!