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PMU Master Artist Continued Education

PMU Master Artist Continued Education

PMU Master Artist Continued Education

PMU Master Artist Continued Education

Microbeau values and understands the importance of the role that PMU master artists play in the PMU industry. For this reason, we have chosen to focus our attention on the continued education of artists who are already pioneers in the industry. If there is an important concept that we’d like to stress to all artists, it is that regardless of how experienced you are in the PMU industry, there is always room for growth, learning, and improvement.

Read Microbeau’s Tips and Tricks for PMU Master Artists

Download and create a business account for all social media platforms.

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest


Don’t Share Personal Information or Content On Your Business Social Media Accounts

This can lead to potential or existing clients questioning your professionalism. This also leaves clients with room to bombard you on your personal number with questions or contact you outside of business hours.

Create an Account for Your Preferred Editing App

  • Facetune 2
  • Lightroom CC
  • VSCO
  • Photogrid
  • Unfold

This will allow you to edit and share clean, polished work to your social media.  When you share videos or photos of your clients on your social media pages, you may want to edit any blemishes or imperfections that the client may have had at the time of service. In doing this, you can showcase the best work.

Record and Share Video Content Instead of Still Images

As most of you may know, the Instagram algorithm is now geared towards sharing and promoting video content above all else. Other social media platforms like TikTok (which is taking over as a primary source of sharing content) and YouTube are already engineered to be singularly video content sources. So, although snapping a photo and making a few edits may be an easier and more convenient way to share your work, we suggest switching to creating video content. Creating video content will allow you to showcase your work up close and in real time, meanwhile ensuring you are following social media trends and algorithms. 

Have an Online Booking System

  • Timely

Having an online booking system that you can add to your social media accounts, business card, and website will make keeping track of all your clients a lot easier and convenient for you and your clients. Clients will find it convenient to be able to book with you as soon as they see your work and decide they want to have you as their PMU artist. This system will also allow clients to have a detailed explanation of all your services and disclaimers as well as help you keep all your required paperwork for clients in one place.

Consistently Upload New Content On Your Social Media Platforms and Update Your Website

  • Delete any old/unwanted work from socials and your website
  • Post before-and-after client transformations
  • Categorize your work by hair colors, skin type on the Fitzpatrick Scale, and on the technique performed.

Following these steps will allow you to showcase only your best work and make the booking process seamless for you and your client. 

Have a Clear and Detailed List of Your Services

Providing clients with a clear, concise, and detailed list of your services will help them understand each procedure and what to expect before booking their appointment. This will also limit the number of questions that you will have to answer from potential clients.

Have an “About Me” Page Including a Biography On You

An “About Me” page with a biography on you and your background will allow clients and other individuals in the PMU industry to understand you better. This page on your website should highlight your history (how you started out in the industry), your qualifications and accomplishments, why you decided to become a PMU artist, and your goals. Doing this will allow clients to relate to you and build a bond with you before booking, as well as open you up to potential networking and business opportunities.

Make Sure You Have an FAQ List

It is essential that you have an FAQ list on your website and on your social media accounts featuring your most asked questions along with their answer. This will prevent you from having to repeatedly answer the same questions and make clients who may be shy in reaching out to ask a question to be more comfortable.

Share Reviews From Clients

Clients feel more comfortable after seeing that you have changed others’ lives with your PMU work. Share any reviews that clients have left after a service on your social media periodically as well as on your website.

Your Website Should Feature

  • Blog Posts
    • Help inform your clients on topics that interest you and that would be relevant to the PMU industry.
  • Press Releases
    • Show off any press features. Seeing you on a press feature will make clients more comfortable with someone who has been accredited.
  • Gift Cards/ Certificates
    • PMU is a great gift to receive. Make it easier for people visiting your website to purchase a service as a gift by promoting gift cards or e-certificates.
  • Subscription Options
    • Have a subscription option to your email and SMS list. This will keep your clients up to date with the latest things going on in your business.
  • Links to all Social Media Platforms
    • Make it easier for clients to find all your social media accounts and stay connected to you.
  • Your Contact Information
    • Provide all your business contact information including: business number, email, and address.


Elevate Your PMU Game

Take New Online Courses to Step-Up or Brush-Up on Your Technique

Join online forums

  • Facebook Groups
  • Reddit

Connecting with other like-minded individuals in the PMU community will allow you to learn about new topics and challenges that others are experiencing in the industry.

Stay Up to Date with Your Policies

Update your policy regularly to ensure clients are always in the loop with the latest going on in your business.

Send Clients a Survey

  • Survey Monkey

Having your own business means you should make your clients’ needs your priority. Creating and sharing a survey with your clients will help you understand their needs better and learn ways you should improve.

Dedicate Time to Your Socials

Have a scheduled day per week where you sift through your content, edit, and save it as a draft. You can also take this time to save trends or trending sounds for future content.

Send Thoughtful Emails

Thank your clients for their loyalty and remind them that you always have their best interests at top of mind. This will make clients feel considered and keep them loyal to you for future services and referrals.

Referral Programs

Have a referral program in place. Incentivizing clients will guarantee customer loyalty and ensure that your name and work is being shared for potential new clients.

Keep Your Certificates and Portfolio Up to Date

Make sure that your certificates and portfolio are kept up to date. This will keep you organized and ensure that clients are comfortable booking with someone who is accredited.


Artist PMU Master Artist Continued Education