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PMU Machine Buyer's Guide: How Do I Choose the Best for Me?

PMU Machine Buyer's Guide: How Do I Choose the Best for Me?

PMU Machine Buyer's Guide: How Do I Choose the Best for Me?

“What permanent makeup machine should I buy?” Choosing seems daunting, but in this buyer’s guide we aim to offer you 1. some resources that can help you with your purchase, 2. give you quick tips from pro cosmetic tattooing artists 3. offer a checklist of things to consider as well as 4. help talk you through some of your options.

Resources to Decide on Which Permanent Makeup Machine is for You

To start with, we have a handy-dandy, new machine comparison chart. On a mobile version, you can compare only the machines you’re really interested in by selecting or de-selecting them with the “radio button.”

The machine specs are at the top and if you scroll down, you’ll see the technique specialization. Click on the image to be taken to the machine comparison chart and check it out for yourself!

Screenshot of the interactive permanent makeup machine comparison chart. Click to activate it!


Advice from Pro Permanent Makeup Artists

While some artists use one machine, primarily 80% of the time, they still occasionally will need another machine for very specific actions, such as tougher skin, or very minute, detailed work.

Victoria Wynn, in New Zealand, can’t fathom owning just one machine.

"Personally, I don’t think anyone should have just one machine. If your machine breaks, what are you going to do? I mean, I’m in New Zealand at minimum if there is one for you to buy in the country at the time, four days. Four days to get a new machine. What are you doing with your clients if your one machine breaks? You have to cancel them. Have multiple machines," advises Victoria.

Although she’s been using the wireless Flux S as her go-to machine, she swears by having multiple machines just in case and also for the flexibility that machines like the Xion offers.

"Your client is coming to you and laying down and giving you $600. Shouldn't you be giving them the best machine for their skin?"



Lulu Siciliano, co-creator of Microbeau International, states that "buying a machine is like buying a dress," whenever possible, you should try it out first.

During lockdown this may not be so easy, although you can always try machines at academies that are still holding in-person classes or watch some very thorough videos!



Checklist of What You Should Consider Before Buying a Permanent Makeup Machine

Maybe we’re a little biased, but it only makes sense that a company that is created and headed by a permanent makeup professional will have the true passion and drive to create products that help artists excel.

p Artists and clients first: Are the designers from the company you are buying from specifically from the field of tattooing or are they just an electronics manufacturer?
p "Made In" Is the country of origin known for attention to detail and producing quality products?
p Customer service: Do you have a recourse if you need to reach out to anyone?
p Community: Do you have a group of professionals that know the machine and you can turn to for advice?
p Other artists’ reviews: What is your colleagues’ experience with the machines and the company?
p Compatability with standard needle cartridgesSome machines only accept proprietary needles that are sold by the same company that sells you the machine. This is limiting and could cause a financial burden.
p Medical-grade components: Let’s not take lightly the fact that permanent makeup machines puncture people’s skin with needles. For your clients’ safety, you should insist on medical-grade components that are made in a highly sanitized manufacturing plant. Your clients’ health is a top priority, however, if the machine’s components are top quality, that translates into a long-lasting, reliable machine as a benefit to you.
p Services you offer: What services do you offer the most? Find a machine whose technical specifications enhance your services.
p Your force of hand and speed at which you work: This is 100% personal and we suggest listening in to other artists. While artists' opinions who work differently from you are also very valuable, of course, it's great to find someone who exerts the same pressure on the machine, runs it at a similar voltage, specializes in your same procedures and works at your same speed.

"Talking you through" to Arrive at Your Possibly Ideal Micropigmentation Machine

1. Are you heavy-handed and like a machine whose weight seems to help deposit the pigment easier?

PMU Machine Buyer
Artists who like a strong machine with a long stroke love the wireless Flux S. Cordless, consistent with a surprisingly long battery life of up to 10 hours, it's been a revolution in the industry.
PMU Machine Buyer
Artists who are looking for more subtle control, to be able to do more passes with less trauma and a versatile machine for many different types of techniques have loved the flexibility of the Xion S, which features adjustable "give" and stroke length!

2. Are you light-handed and prefer a thin machine

PMU Machine Buyer
If you are looking for a machine that is highly specialized for hairstrokes and lip lining, the Bellar is the machine of choice among artists. Cosmetic tattooing artists love that it is so lightweight, has low vibration and is slim in their hand.
With the unparalleled versatility of the Xion S, it is also an excellent machine for someone who wants minimal vibration and can work with a medium-sized grip. 
PMU Machine Buyer
LightningBolt power pack on a pink Xion S.
* Note: you can purchase separately a LightningBolt battery pack, which plugs into the RCA jack of all Microbeau machines. That means you can remove the Xion S and Bellar's cord and... go wireless! 

3. Specializing in Scalp Micropigmentation?

PMU Machine Buyer
The Apollo was designed in conjunction with one of Microbeau's SMP Elite members. The machine is bottom-weighted, leveraging simple gravity to facilitate the creation of the fine dots. 
However, with the advent of our powerful and centrally-weighted Flux S machine, SMP artists are also loving going wireless and the long life of the battery that allows them to work uninterrupted during the long hours that a procedure may take.

We hope this has helped you decide which Microbeau machine(s) will help you advance your technique and grow your business!
Artist PMU Machine Buyer's Guide: How Do I Choose the Best for Me?