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Evenflo Colours Master Artists' Review blonde 2 brunette

Evenflo Colours Master Artists' Review blonde 2 brunette

Evenflo Colours Master Artists' Review blonde 2 brunette

Relying on science and top artists’ testing, blonde 2 brunette is our new properly modified brow pigment set with a hybrid formula that works on all skin types on the Fitzpatrick scale and can be used mixed or straight out of the bottle. 

You can purchase blonde 2 brunette here.

Since the release of our new brow pigment set, we’ve started to receive incredible feedback from our Evenflo Colours Master artists on how they like to use these beautiful tones and achieve natural-looking results. 

Our first Evenflo Colours Master, Anna Ocko, loves to mix our new brow pigment set with Evenflo Colours' initial organic brow set and has noticed her brows heal with true color retention. 

“First pass should be done with the organic set and 1RL needle,” said Ocko, “the second pass is performed with the Hybrid set and bunch shader 5-7-9 pin needle. This helps result in true color retention and gives me an opportunity to do more beautiful work within touch-up sessions.”

Our Australian PMU queen loves each color within the blonde 2 brunette set but finds herself using deep brown and dark blond.

Evenflo Colours Bolivian Master artist, Christine Javornik, uses blonde 2 brunette for microblading and shading techniques and finds it works “beautifully.”

“The retention is higher,” she said, “and the consistency runs so smoothly with needles. Fewer passes were needed and it still sets super quick? I love it!”

Our last Evenflo Colours Master Artist, Ekaterina Dvoeriadkina, has found that our new brow pigment can be used straight out of the bottle.

“What I love are the healed results,” said Dvoeriadkina. “It’s always beautiful and absolutely natural, which is important for my clients. Clean, non-mixed, shades are the most beautiful.”

This is just some of the amazing feedback we’ve received since the release of blonde 2 brunette. 

Be sure to tag us on your beautiful results on Instagram using our pigments, and enter for a chance to be featured on our page.

Artist Evenflo Colours Master Artists' Review blonde 2 brunette