It’s been a little over a month since we released our highly loaded white pigment formula, Alterwhite. So, we decided to ask a few of our Evenflo Colours Masters their thoughts on this fluid pigment, and how they like to mix it with their favorite tones.

One of our NewYork City Evenflo Masters, Savannah Kondratyev, has a nice simple recipe by adding two to three drops of Alterwhite to our Neutralizer and Lulu’s Rose. This little blend allows her to give her neutralizing lip clients more of a pink nude tone healed result.

“I noticed my healed results have more pow behind them,” she said. “I feel like I’m able to get more coverage in fewer sessions with Alterwhite.”

For Lynn Peca, our Evenflo Master from Canada, Alterwhite has been a game changer for her dark lip neutralizing procedures. 

“It creates opacity which helps lift and saturate the lips,” she said. “The difference in using Alterwhite is I can do less passes and get better results.”

Peca also has her own little concoction for clients with hyperpigmentation. She mixes Evenflo Colours’ Colorizer, Illume and Alterwhite.

“This is such a great formula for any lips that show hyperpigmentation with an ashy grey, purple and brown melanin rich lips,” she said.

Evenflo Colours Masters’ Australian artist, Anna Ocko, loves to use Alterwhite to create a topical mask for freshly done blond brows. With just eight drops of Alterwhite, and a drop of your procedure's main tone, such as Oak or Illume, allows for lighter results.

“Topical application of this mask allows me to saturate the epidermis with the pigment of lighter value,” she said. “It won’t be absorbed by the dermis, however, this technique helps me disguise the darkness of fresh brows and creates a more subtle, elegant and natural look.”

Ocko has found that her blond clients can easily accept their freshly done brows, and pass through the healing process always loving them.

This is just a few ways on how our Evenflo Colours Masters love to use our highly loaded white pigment Alterwhite, and we’re excited to see what more they’ll use it for.