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Happy Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month to all our Hispanic and Latin descent artists and employees. Starting Sept. 15, through Oct. 15, we recognize the amazing work our Hispanic and Latin peers do each day and celebrate the communities heritage, culture and history. The holiday was first recognized as Hispanic Heritage Week in 1968, but was expanded to a month-long celebration in 1988. Hispanic Heritage month also coincides with multiple countries' independence days. Important dates to remember in the next 30 days are the following Independence Days for a variety of countries:

  • September 15: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.
  • September 16: Mexico
  • September 18: Chile
  • September 21: Belize

Microbeau is an American based company that’s proud to say that 86% of its employees are of Hispanic or Latin descent, and we wanted to hear their thoughts on this month-long holiday. That’s why we asked each employee:
What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Here are a few of the responses.

“This is a month to remember and to be proud of our roots as Hispanic descent. To show to the world how rich our culture is, our values and how we have contributed to make the USA a better and enriched country.”
- Carlos Zapata, Engineering Manager.

“So, for me Hispanic Heritage has always been about celebrating where our family comes from and honoring traditions that make Hispanics so - well - ‘Hispanic.’ I think of the many things I was taught about my own family heritage from Panama and their Traditions. Most of them revolve around food, family, and celebrating life together, and that stays true for the majority of Hispanic Traditions. It’s the culture of our people.”
- Claris Clealand, Marketing Analyst.

“Hispanic Heritage Month was created to acknowledge Hispanic and Latin people, and with all the inclusion movements going on right now, this is a great way for us to feel empowered and proud of our roots.”
- Ana Antelo, Purchasing Agent

“Recognition and celebration of all of the hard work, progression and influence Hispanics and Latinos have brought to the United States starting from humble beginnings.”
- Ivan Rodriguez, Graphic Designer

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a time of the year when we can reflect about how our cultures have influenced and shaped other cultures and places. There are a lot of Hispanic and Latinx people all over the world, and I think we have to understand that there are so many ethnicities that make up every place and community, and that’s what makes societies unique. Celebrating Hispanic Heritage, and dedicating time to recognize other ethnicities and cultures reminds us that we are all together in this world.”
- Dario Chavez, Pro Teams Coordinator

“El Mes de la Herencia Hispana reconoce y celebra la cultura y las tradiciones de los latinos y hispanohablantes, que hemos decidido, por múltiples razones, hacer de esta gran nación nuestro hogar. Dando nuestro mejor y mejor esfuerzo para construir un futuro de bien para todos.”
- Zenahir Valecillos, Assembly Associate

Artist Happy Hispanic Heritage Month