It’s Single’s Day and here at Evenflo Colours, we love to recognize our hardworking strong independent single artists. That’s why we’re taking an extra 5% OFF Evenflo Colours Single Pigments, so start stuffing your carts and enhancing your client’s natural beauty.

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Single’s Day?
On November 11, 1993, a group of lonely - but positive - students in Nanjing University, in China, decided to use this day to celebrate being single. 

Why on 11/11? 
All the ones within the date look like four single sticks, put together hoping to make the most of their time. This anti-Valentine Day holiday of single living eventually caught on by other universities throughout China and it’s usually seen as just a fun, harmless event.

Single’s Day Becomes Marketable
Since the start of this holiday, businesses across the world have taken the opportunity to use this fun and interesting celebration to gain a profit. It started in 2009, when Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang created the first Singles Day sale. 

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