PMU is an Art form, and for Lulu Siciliano, a passion. Originally from Ukraine, (today a sun-loving and vegan Miamian) Lulu always had a penchant for Art and Beauty and eventually obtained a degree in Art. Infatuated with cosmetics and the transformation when its skillfully applied, it was natural that she would find an outlet for her love of Art and makeup in PMU – a fast growing fashion spawned from the tattoo industry.

Sometimes referred to as cosmetic tattooing, PMU is making a huge impact in the fashion and beauty industry. Lulu saw here the opportunity to create and enhance features, on canvases on 24/7 display: Our faces! When she moved to the US she continued to practice and improve her techniques, especially eyebrows, which she achieves in the most natural way possible. When Lulu met Gaston Siciliano, designer and manufacturer of tattoo machines, it was Kismet! As a PMU artist already training under world-class professionals, it followed that she would want to try her styles using her husband’s machines – the renowned and much coveted FK Irons tattoo machines.

Lulu began with the Spektra Edge, which she found to be an “insanely powerful and amazing machine,” however, she believed if there could be one just as powerful, but made for smaller hands and provide the same closeness and control… that would be a dream come true for PMU artists! This is how the XionS was born. A machine created for the techniques of PMU, and a company – Microbeau Int’l – that would offer this tool worldwide.

With the XionS, Lulu was able to create even more beautiful powdered and hair stroke eyebrows, eyeliner, and Aquarelle lips – which are almost translucent in their natural, shiny appearance. The particular beauty of the XionS, according to Lulu, is its adjustable give mechanism that allows artists to regulate it to their style and pacing, regardless of the different types of skin densities. “The Spektra XionS adapts to you. One of the key features is the adjustable needle strike – this is particularly important in PMU where we have to work with the face, a more delicate skin." 

No doubt the increasing acceptance and perfection of PMU is on the upswing, and Microbeau, with the XionS and the introduction now of the slim and light “Bellar” is leading the industry with devices that make it possible to emphasize the beauty of our natural features – at least on a semi-permanent basis!

Lulu and Gaston Siciliano will be at the Queen City Tattoo & Art Festival in Charlotte, NC this weekend (Oct 26 - 28) to unveil the "Bellar" and are offering a unique opportunity to attend a PMU Seminar about Machine Work Techniques & Tips - FREE. This is a valuable gift of knowledge for PMU artists that you don't want to miss.

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