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Machine Comparison

2020 Most Popular PMU Products by Microbeau

2020 Most Popular PMU Products by Microbeau

2020 Most Popular PMU Products by Microbeau

Not many PMU technicians understand the features of this all-important tool of their trade, but experienced artists can confirm it makes a big difference, and we've earned their loyalty. Find out what our #1 seller is on the Microbeau site!

Let’s start with a countdown of our Top 5 best-sellers so far in 2020 from the quality-oriented Microbeau brand all the way down to product #1.

For professionals only, Microbeau machines and products are designed by PMU artists and made in the USA in order to control the quality and back our products with contact with real-life customer service.


Compare Microbeau’s PMU machines with our interactive chart!


#5 Bellar™ PMU Essential Set

The Bellar has been the perfect tool for brows for most PMU artists. For detailed work, the machine offers exactly the kind of precision that many artists love. Quiet, slim, comfortable, it still has enough weight – centered in the machine! - to keep the vibration to a minimum.

The Bellar Essential Set includes the Hover power supply and cable.


2020 Most Popular PMU Products by Microbeau

The Hover is touchless to reduce cross-contamination. PMU artists love that they can change the voltage of their machine with just a wave of the hand; no more fumbling with buttons! Bluetooth-enabled, the Hover will also be able to connect to an app due to be released soon, and allow you to increase or decrease the speed via voice command. Keep your eye out for firmware updates with features that will help your business side.

A representative from Team Micro says in his review in the video below: “I absolutely love the Bellar because it’s probably one of the highest-quality machines and it’s got the lowest vibration. So for detailing, when you’re doing work such as hair stroke, brows, pointillism, because it’s got such low vibration you have complete control…one of the best, most flexible machines”


Amber Harrison, aka “Brow Envy” speaks of the Bellar's consistency of power in her review and that it is “Flawless… you can tell when something is really, really well made, and that’s this machine.”

She covers most of the features of three different machines, including the Xion S, and compares how it looks on practice skin!



#4 Xion S™ Essentials Set

The Xion S has been hailed as a versatile, gentle, yet powerful machine in the permanent cosmetics industry. We’ve heard many artists call it the “ever-popular Xion S,” and there’s a reason for that!

The original Xion, made my FK Irons for body tattooing, for the first time, gave artists a wide range of control over their technique with these features:

  • interchangeable cam
  • uses standard cartridge needles
  • adjust the give with the turn of a knob
  • also adjust the needle depth

Artists marveled that they could shade, and add layers of color with much less trauma to the skin. Yet they could also turn up the power for thicker skin and intense lining.

Permanent cosmetics deserved that kind of flexibility and control.

The Xion S was customized by permanent makeup technicians to be gentler on the skin, shallower needle depth, while still taking advantage of all of versatile functions of changing the cam, needle depth and permitting the use of standard needle cartridges.


Angela Torresiani of Teach Me PMU compares the Xion S with other brand machines – just wait for the conclusion and the, literal, view under the microscope of each machine.


The following video is in Russian with English subtitles and the PMU professionals take their time to lay out a very detailed comparison of the Bellar and Xion S. 

Spanish-speakers can glean details about the Xion S from Akira tattoo supplies in Spain. Para una reseña en español o compras en España, fíjense en este video detallado de la Xion S.




#3 LightningBolt battery pack makes your machine wireless!

On the Microbeau website, the LightningBolt is one of our popular devices. If your machine has an RCA jack, just plug the LightningBolt into your machine ... and go! 

PMU artists appreciate being free from the cord, not having to tug to get the right angle or getting tangled. They also appreciate the discount when you choose the double pack. From $250 each, the double pack is $400 (for a $100 savings).


#2 Xion S Bubblegum

Refer to the section above in the Xion S Essentials Set for more information on the versatility of the Xion S. Since the most popular colors are Bubblegum and the black Stealth, if they are out of stock, try another attractive color, such as the Seafoam or Frost


Microbeau's popular PMU machine, the Xion S in eye-catching Seafoam teal color



#1 Vertix Nano Needles

The most-loved needle size for facial tattooing are acupuncture-style needles. Our Vertix Nano needles are – surprise! – the top-selling products on the Microbeau website.

Nano needles are coveted because the long, thin tapered tip of the acupuncture needles pierce the skin easier, it's easier to access the correct layer of the skin for facial tattooing, offers more precision and most importantly: leaves less skin trauma.

With less trauma, you can work easier and what your client is oblivious to, but our artists are highly aware of, is less trauma also means faster healing. 

Making the best choices in your professional equipment is a great step to getting the best results, and therefore, maintaining a good reputation and genial relationship with your client. As with any business, retaining a client is much easier than the constant hustle of trying to find new clients.  

The Vertix brand in particular offers two great advantages:

    • hummingbird tip, whose shape helps keep the needle in place for better aim and detail work
    • low-tension membranes, which help prevent the back flow of fluids and, therefore, help prevent cross-contamination
    • unique dual side vents to maximize vacuum decompression while minimizing potential spraying


A comparison of a basic needle cartridge without a membrane vs the specialized Vertix needles - with a membrane - for the permanent makeup industry

Our Vertix Nano needles in .25 mm and .33 diameters are by far the most popular. Cosmetic tattoo technicians tend to use them on different types of skin for lip lining, brows and eyeliner.

If you find that the .25 mm or .33 mm are not in stock or on back order, but would like to receive needles quicker, try as an alternative the .20 mm. It may take longer to achieve results when working, but you get all of the benefits of the Vertix Nano needles and they are usually in stock!


The Vertix Needle sample box (40 pieces) is also extremely popular, and is a great way for both beginners and highly-experienced technicians to experiment and constantly push their technique.


Vertix Needles for Scalp Micropigmentation

For scalp work, the Vertix 3RLT's are the most popular among SMP artists.


Prediction for Top-Selling PMU Machine at the end of 2020: Flux S

Microbeau's newest machine is the Flux S, which has made waves as one of the first truly wireless PMU machines. We're already getting great feedback on the machine from experienced cosmetic tattooing artists around the world. Check out the review below in Spanish and English.  


Review in Spanish by specialist in hair strokes, Lucía H. Díez. 

Reseña en español de la Flux S de parte de Lucía H. Díez



In Vietnames and English, start watching at 18:50 the Flux S in action on practice skin!


Artist 2020 Most Popular PMU Products by Microbeau