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What to Keep in Your PMU Kit

What to Keep in Your PMU Kit

What to Keep in Your PMU Kit


Microbeau understands that as an artist beginning to build your empire in the PMU industry, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of all the necessary equipment you need in order to start your journey. For this reason, we have decided to simplify this process and provide you with a guide to having the perfect PMU kit.   

The most important aspect of a PMU kit is having a powerful and reliable PMU machine to take on all procedures you plan to perform.  

PMU Kit Essentials

Power Supply 
Ink Cups 
Lining Pencils
Practice Skins 

In order to prevent the risk of contracting infectious diseases and cross contamination Microbeau recommends that artists adhere to the following: 

Gloves: Wear gloves at all times during a PMU procedure to prevent the risk of contracting infectious diseases and cross contamination.  

Face Masks: Wear face masks since you will be in close contact with clients during PMU procedures.  

Hair Nets: Ask their clients to wear hair nets during PMU procedures to prevent cross contamination with sterile procedure sites.  

Disposable Gowns: Wear disposable gowns during all procedures and then dispose of them after each client. 

Disinfectant: Use disinfectant spray or wipes to sterilize and clean treatment areas.  

Barrier Film: Utilize barrier film to make the cleaning process easier and maintain the treatment area sterile before and after procedures.  

Bed Cover: Use bed covers to provide the client and artists with a protective barrier.  

Antibacterial Skin Cleanser: Use an antibacterial skin cleanser on the client prior to every individual procedure.  

Other Tools 

Spoolie: This is a great tool for an artist to utilize during brow procedures in order to brush out the hair.  

Mapping Tool: Artists should use a mapping tool in order to create perfectly symmetrical lines for brow, lip, and eyeliner procedures.  

Artist What to Keep in Your PMU Kit