While many PMU shops around the world are closed, we still want our Microbeau family stay safe during these difficult times.

If you are still working at the shop, here are some steps you can take to prevent the spread of the virus. Tattoo artists are at a medium exposure risk to get COVID-19 as they handle body fluids, blood and are in close proximity to people.

1. Wear masks and gloves at all times

As tattoo artists, we always wear our masks and gloves. Now it is even more important as one of the most common ways to spread transmission is through close contact between people. Through respiratory droplets that a person expels when they cough or sneeze these droplets then land in the mouths and noses of people who are nearby. It is important to always wear a mask and gloves to prevent getting the virus as gloves and masks add an extra layer of protection. Wash your hands immediately after taking the gloves off.

2. Wash hands regularly after touching high-traffic areas

High-traffic areas include doorknobs, bathrooms, faucets, phones, light switches, keyboards kitchens and cash registers. Remember to wash your hand after touching these areas, if soap is not available, use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. Encourage clients to also clean their hands before their appointment and once they arrive at the shop. Having a hand sanitizing station with signage is one idea to encourage everyone to take precaution.

3. Postpone appointments with clients if they are sick or if you feel sick

We understand this is a difficult time and resources are limited precaution is needed. If a client walks into the shop and is displaying symptoms such a fever, cough, sneezing and shortness of breath, reschedule the appointment. If possible, try to waive the cancellation fee and tell them to come back when they feel better.

If you feel sick, stay home until you feel better. Also, if you are pending a coronavirus test result, stay home. While these measures seem intense, it is better to not get clients and other artists sick.

4. Limit the number of people in the shop

The CDC states that gatherings should be limited to 10 or less people. Shops should limit the number of people gathered; this could be done through switching shifts among artists. Also artists can schedule their appointments earlier in the day or in the evenings. This way artists can still tattoo and make clients happy. Another strategy can be to conduct video calls with clients before their appointment to discuss the tattoo.

5. Regularly clean machines and workplace tools to prevent cross-contamination

When possible, artists should limit exposure with each other and maintain social distancing, 6 feet apart from each other. High traffic areas should be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Restricting some areas of the shop can also help contain the virus. Being extra careful when

sanitizing equipment is extremely important to prevent cross-contamination. The team at Microbeau has some videos on sanitation products. After every tattoo remember to clean your equipment with the proper cleaning tools. Our new Spektra FluxS helps prevent cross-contamination with a built-in battery and cordless design.

Remember to clean surfaces and high-traffic areas with soap and water frequently. Household cleaners and bleach are effective in killing the virus. For electronics, follow guidelines by the manufacturer and think about adding a wipeable cover to cell phones and tablets.