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New Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors

New Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors

New Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors

A positive attitude has been known to contribute greatly to health. Some claim it is the most important factor. Cancer is a devastating disease that leaves its survivors mentally and physically scarred. Especially upsetting for women is the debilitating blow of Mastectomy. One of the things that makes us feel really good about what we do at Microbeau is the ability to empower women who have survived the fight for their lives, with a healthy dose of positive attitude.

Over the course of the last five years, perhaps due to the refining of tattoo and PMU devices and the specialization in techniques, permanent makeup has emerged as a key element in making women feel whole again after breast cancer surgery. No longer used exclusively to accentuate points of facial beauty such as feathery defined eyebrows, delicate eye-lining and pouty, juicy lips, PMU is now also an accessible and affordable solution to produce natural looking breast nipples and areolas. Microbeau’s Xion S has quickly become a favorite of PMU specialists because of its maneuverability and power – bringing the artist closer than ever to their art. The Xion S happens to be the favorite machine of Microbeau Elite artist Stacie Rae, she is a PMU breast reconstruction specialist and her work will amaze you.

 A positive attitude and a healthy lifestyle do much in avoiding serious health setbacks, but it’s good to know the Xion S, in the hands of an expert artist, is ushering a new era of positive possibilities. Visit our gallery of Elite professionals to view the incredible work being done in the area of breast reconstruction with Spektra Xion S.

Artist New Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors